Operate Plan

This plan is best for:

Maintenance Technicians
Service Engineers

Available features:
  • View IO-Link sensors parameters
  • Live Data Chart
  • Live process data view
  • Teach Action Widget*
  • Follow configurations
  • Load configurations to sensor

Configure Plan

This plan is best for:

Application Engineers
Development Engineers
Product Managers

Available features:
  • All features from Operate Plan
  • All Action Widgets*
  • Configure sensor parameters
  • Save configurations
  • Share configurations
  • * as available based on sensor type and brand

Entreprise Plan

This plan is best for:

Large Organizations
Teams of Product Managers
Teams of Service and Maintenance Engineers

Available features:
  • Bundle of Operate Plans
  • Bundle of Configure Plans
  • Bundle of PocketCodr Devices
  • Own account administrator
  • Entreprise billing