How it works

PocketCodr is the easiest way to configure an IO-Link device, so it is quick to explain how it works. It only takes four steps to get started.

Get Ready

The PocketCodr experience uses three components:

  • PocketCodr device
  • PocketCodr companion app
  • PocketCodr subscription that defines your service level

You will then be able to configure any certified IO-Link detector. Note that, without a subscription, you will still be able to see live device data, and read the parameters menu.
Purchase a Starter Kit from our store or any of our distributors to get on board!

Activate your account

Sign up for a free account and activate your subscription! We recommend a Configure subscription plan to fully unleash the power of PocketCodr.
Activating your subscription is easy and takes only seconds: you will be able to use an activation code as found in the Starter Kits, or use your credit card.


Your PocketCodr account is the safest way to backup your sensor configurations and share them with colleagues.

Download the app

Install the PocketCodr app on your preferred device.Get it from the App Store and Play Store.

Requires iOS 13.1 or higher

Requires Android 7.0 or higher

Connect your Device

  • Launch the app and turn on your PocketCodr device: it will immediately appear in the list of devices near you.
  • Connect any certified IO-Link sensor and it will be automatically detected.
  • Remember to log in with your PocketCodr device account in the app to link your device with your subscription and use all the features we've made for you.
  • Browse the menus and start configuring your sensor like never before!


If you are using a confidential device such as a prototype, you will be able to provide an IODD file from your device file system.

Device Compatibility

PocketCodr is a configuration solution for devices using IO-Link, the leading standard for the communication with industrial sensors and actuators. While IO-Link is technically a standard regulated by the IO-Link consortium, sensor brands have significant freedom when implementing the IO-Link data structure and feature logic.
Because every IO-Link device comes with a different set of parameters and process data structure, PocketCodr includes mechanisms to automatically find the requires device information.
With every device, PocketCodr can let you display and edit your device parameters. More advanced devices support our groundbreaking Action Widget technology. Check this page to see which level of support you'll get!

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