PocketCodr makes smart industrial devices easy to use without in-dept technical knowledge

Just another tech start-up :-)

PocketCodr is a technology start-up based in Switzerland focused on configuration solutions for smart devices, principally in Industrial-IoT (IIoT) automation applications. Our goal is to make Smart Sensors and other smart devices more accessible in the IIoT space; by launching our first no-code Smart-Sensor configurator, we seek to reduce the need for specialist user technical know-how to use smart features.

We believe that removing technical barriers for configuring smart industrial products will accelerate the adoption of smart-factory applications and increase the use of smart devices in industry and unleash efficiency gains and productivity increase across smart factories.

PocketCodr Inc
Route du Paqui 3, 1720 Corminboeuf
+41 26 508 70 32

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