No-code Configuration for IO-Link Sensors and Smart Sensors in the Palm of Your Hand

PocketCodr Device

PocketCodr Device is the hardware component of PocketCodr, a no-code IO-Link and smart sensor configurator. Purchase a Starter Kit

IO-Link Sensor

Inductive and Photoelectric Position Sensor with IO-Link v1.0 or v1.1 and Smart Sensors with Smart Sensor Profile (SSP) 2, 3 and 4.

PocketCodr App

PocketCodr Companion App for Android or iOS phones and tablets available for download in Apple Store and Google Play Store. Requires Android 7.0 or later or Apple iOS 13.1 or later

No-code Configuration for IO-Link Sensors in the Palm of Your Hand
PocketCodr Smart Sensor and IO-Link Sensor Configuration Action Widgets

Action Widgets

PocketCodr is the first no-code IO-Link-sensor configurator. Within its companion app, Action Widgets guide users through key configuration processes, such as teaching a detection set-point, configuring sensor outputs or setting up an alarm threshold. Action Widgets are step-by-step guides to setting up advanced sensor configurations – something that previously required significant technical know-how.

PocketCodr allows sensor users to use advanced sensor features without the hassle – no dealing with complex IODD files or reading pages of IO-Link handbooks.

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Live Data Charts

The Live Data Chart enabling users to visualize a sensor’s response to complex sensing targets and sequences.

The Live Data Chart can show up to six sensor parameters simultaneously, any of which can be highlighted by tapping on the area of interest. It’s a great visual tool for application engineers when setting up complex sensor sequences, providing real-time confirmation of the correct sensor configuration.

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Tablet and Phone

PocketCodr companion app is optimized for iOS and Android phone and tablet use. Use a tablet for an expanded view of the live data chart, especially when many parameters are activated at the same time.

Please use an Android 7.0 or later or Apple iOS 13.1 or later for the PocketCodr App. Download the app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Finally a simple and intuite way to program sensor logic sequences without using an IO-Link master

Yvan Jaquat, CEO of GradeSens Inc

The app is great for non-technical people using the most advanced features of Smart Sensors

Annette Heimlicher, CEO of Contrinex Inc

PocketCodr Device

Product Specifications

Learn about the key specifications of the PocketCodr Device


66 x 138 x 23 mm (W x H x D)

Sensor supply voltage

24 VDC

Max. sensor supply current

100 mA continuous, 500 mA peak during wake-up.

Operating temperature

10 to 40 °C

Output types


Current limit



S12 Female connector without thread, bare-wire cable